SAN NICOLA STADIUM: A project that is 33 years old


June, 1990.

Bari, San Nicola Stadium: a daydream for the people of Bari and for the young Primiceri, who was commissioned to do the great job.

On the occasion of the World Cup, Fifa decided to entrust the organization of the immense event to Italy. For the city of Bari this was a reason for modernization and work soon began on the Astronave, the third largest stadium in Italy, built by the archistar Renzo Piano.
Primiceri was commissioned with the ambitious task of creating all the equipment for the electrical system and all the transformation substations, the beating heart of the functioning of the San Nicola.

From this moment, the choice and the need to expand our company: a new large industrial plant was built in the Industrial Zone of Bari.

The rest is history.

MOVYON: a new job for the Group Autostrade Per l’Italia

MOVYON: a new job for the Group Autostrade Per l'Italia

An important achievement for the Group Autostrade Per l’Italia!
Every time you travel on the highway remember…
The Quadri d’Autore of the Primiceri Group has realized for you a new large supply for MOVYON – Autostrade per l’Italia Group – a company of the Autostrade per l’Italia Group: the new Quadri Pista 2.0 for motorway toll booths.
This latest generation innovative solution guarantees us speed and efficiency in the management of toll stations and the Telepass service.

MEXICO: A new container in Dos Bocas

Container Dos Bocas. A new project in Mexico

Primiceri is pleased to inform you that an important supply for the foreign market has been successfully completed: DOS BOCAS (Mexico).
The project was aimed at the construction of an electrical room for the electrical generator of a steam turbine for our Customer Baker Hughes, final customer TECHNT for PEMEX.
The scope of the supply in detail consists of an electrical room measuring 15 m x 3.9 m x 4 m (H) and weighing 48,000 kg to which is attached a battery room measuring 4 m x 3.9 m x 4 m ( H) and weight 13.000 Kg.
The project is characterized by various certifications including UL, ANSI and NEMA and it took about 14 months to complete it.
We are proud to have completed this project which confirms us as leading suppliers in the international Oil & Gas sector.

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BARI: a beautiful sponsorship with Green Park Sport

We are proud to announce that the Quadri d’Autore of the PRIMICERI S.p.A. Group are the official suppliers of the Green Park Sport facility, a sports center specialized in the game of Padel.

In recent months, Quadri d’Autore has provided all the electrical equipment and the most advanced technologies to make the place safe, sustainable and with an innovative formula.

Green Park Sport is a large and ambitious project that shares our values of proximity to sport, environmental respect and quality of services.

We are sure you will like it and we invite you to visit it soon!

BARI: Sponsorship of “Corteo Storico di San Nicola”

The Corteo Storico di San Nicola is the traditional event most loved by the city of Bari. Primiceri and Quadri d’Autore are proud to have sponsorized this event from April 28th to May 7th. In the city center of Bari, there was a speaking picture that it spoke of his story and his journey from Myra to Bari.

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