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Maurizio Primiceri: spearheading mechatronics sector of Confindustria Bari and BAT

Maurizio Primiceri, CEO of Primiceri SPA, is the new president of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic Section of Confindustria Bari and BAT.

These are the first words from the President: ‘The future is now. Mechatronics will be the protagonist of the digital and energy transition.’

Mechatronics, an interdisciplinary field that merges mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, and control engineering, plays a pivotal role in both the digital and energy transitions. This integration is important for developing and optimizing systems that are at the heart of these transitions, enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

Maurizio Primiceri will work on a series of issues in continuity with the outgoing President. The focus will be on enhancing human capital, hence the skills of entrepreneurs, at a time when many SMEs in Bari and its surroundings are dealing with generational change. A transition within the transition. Beyond this, the goal is to contribute to the growth of companies in terms of size, because growth is essential to allow the realization of high-value projects.

Official letter from Confindustria Bari and BAT


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