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The term “Quadro elettrico” which is the Italian for electric panel, (the word “quadro” in Italian means both square and painting) probably originates from the rectangular shape of the first models that looked like paintings.
Electric panel components were assembled upon slates made out of insulating material, very often marble. After bronze or wrought iron frames were added to these slates and contributed to give this similarity. Nowadays technological progress, with the use of new material plant techniques and new regulations has significantly modified its shape and structure. In the 1970s devices were conceived and designed every time in different ways according to the client’s needs. This caused difficulties in determining topography, drillings, panels and accessories for each installation. Moreover, problems related to the definition, planning and construction of the product itself arose together with others concerning possible modifications, extensions or maintenance interventions. From the 1980s on, new technology and materials largely contributed to further transformations of the electric panel. Concepts, such as modularity, which previously could hardly be applied to electric devices, were gaining a new significance. Solutions involving equipment assembling and wiring kits have also established themselves, therefore cutting costs and saving time. By combining these characteristics with our expertise, passion, experience and constant research, the observance to the artistic ideal can always be guaranteed. The original similarity between a painting and an electric panel is, in fact, our philosophy.
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