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PRIMICERI S.P.A. is the only Italian, and not US, company authorized to supply containers and electrical substations in the American market. The company is leader in the construction of control and electrical equipment in the Oil & Gas sector. This is a significant milestone that allows for future planning and participation in high-level projects.

Thanks to this certification it was possible to supply our containers called E-House in Texas and Louisiana. These are very complex structures as they are capable of powering turbines of up to 200 megawatts. They are intended for command and control of electrical energy.

All of these facilities contribute to the completion of Golden Pass project: a $10 billion investment by ExxonMobil. Golden Pass aims to expand the LNG, or liquefied natural gas, business. This is certainly a very useful energy source to allow companies and individuals to use easily available energy.

All systems supplied for this order were carefully tested before delivery to ensure that they could operate as safely as possible. These and many other successes were reported by ‘La Repubblica’ in a recently published article.



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