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BARI: a beautiful sponsorship with Green Park Sport

We are proud to announce that Quadri d’Autore, part of the PRIMICERI GROUP, has been appointed as the official suppliers for the electrical system of Green Park Sport, a sports center specialized in Padel play.

Leveraging PRIMICERI S.P.A.’s four-decade expertise, Quadri d’Autore supplies all the necessary electrical materials for the company’s significant contracts.

The time-honed know-how enables them to provide state-of-the-art electrical equipment and technology, making Green Park Sport a safe and sustainable environment.

The project for the sports center was executed with an innovative approach that ensured exceptionally high standards across all aspects.

Among PRIMICERI GROUP’s core values is a deep commitment to supporting sports, crucial for everyday well-being.

Equally important is environmental conservation. For this project, we employed multiple strategies that minimize energy consumption while simultaneously enhancing the services provided.

We are confident you will appreciate these advancements, and we invite you to experience them soon!


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